Please be aware changes to pricing structure will come into effect as of April 2019. Updates to the website are on the way.

This page is dedicated to the Vaillant servicing and repairs. As a specialist in Vaillant boiler repairs and servicing we offer a few fixed price services to ensure you know from the outset the final cost. When it comes to Vaillant boiler repairs we offer the best service and prices around. As we know all common faults on the Ecotec Ecomax and Turbomax models, we guarantee to repair the fault for the fixed price. Sometimes we can instruct the customer how to fix minor faults over the phone for free saving you paying for an unnecessary visit.


Vaillant boiler repairs and servicing in Brighton Hove and surrounding areas of East sussex

Vaillant Boiler repair costs

Our fixed price for a Vaillant boiler repair is £119 + parts. This price will not change even if it takes longer than expected or I need to travel to collect a part and return. The are no hidden fees and I will provide 100% honest advice, no up-selling and no false diagnosis and no VAT to pay.

So for example:

Total cost to fit Vaillant ecotec pump £119 + parts@£150*=£269

Total cost to Recondition and service Vaillant VCW 242e Diverter £119 + parts@£54*=£173

*Note part values subject to change depending on suppliers price.

F22 or F24 fixed price repair

If your Ecotec or Turbomax boiler is showing f22 or f24 which are both dry fire protection faults then give me a call. 9 times out of 10 I can instruct you over the phone how to fill the boiler to the required pressure, this is the most common cause of the fault. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself then I can fill and test the system for you for £54. This is the fixed price I charge for filling and testing a boiler.

Vaillant boiler standard service

We also have a fixed price strategy when it comes to our specialist Vaillant boiler services. The standard service costs £59 this includes all checks and tests that would be carried out in a standard boiler service.

The full Ecotec service

Our Full Ecotec service is the best option for any Vaillant Ecotec boilers over 3 years old, This costs £119 and includes a new graphite burner seal and when required a new water pressure sensor. The full Ecotec service also includes re-pressurising the expansion vessel and cleaning the internal filters in the left hand water block. In all this process takes roughly 2 hours. I would having this done at 3 year intervals.

Boiler Repair
£55 if no parts needed
Fixed Price
Most common faults fixed
No VAT to pay
Vaillant Boiler Repair
£119 + Parts
Fixed price
Many parts kept
No VAT to pay
Guaranteed repair
Standard Boiler Service
Fixed price
More tests than bg
Report supplied
No VAT to pay
Full Ecotec Service
Fixed price
Including parts
New burner seal
Recommended every 3 years
Report supplied

Fixed price explanation

The fixed price repair quoted on this page do not include the cost of parts. All parts will be quoted at the current rate from our suppliers these do change on a weekly basis.

The fixed price includes 1 hour of parking on a meter additional parking will be charged for.

If the boiler cannot be serviced or repaired due to being installed incorrectly or not to manufacturers standard the minimum charge will apply.

You will not be charged for time sourcing or the delivery of parts.

There are no hidden fees.

Unlike many fixed price repairs quoted by other company this price will cover the all time spent on and off site from start to finish, you will not get put on the extortionate half hourly rate after initial diagnosis.

Additional services such as gas safety checks and joint boiler repair and service are available on request call for details.

I try to provide the most honest service available and hopefully this page explains everything you need to know if you do have any questions do not hesitate to give me a call on 07886028590.

A list of common Vaillant faults that we repair:  (Note this list is not exhaustive)

F75 – Pressure sensor or pump fault

F28 – Gas valve, Fan, Gas main

F22 – Low system pressure this can be fixed over the phone 9 times out of 10

Diverter valve leaks

Expansion vessel charge or diaphragm causing problems with heating, pressure rising and dropping

Vaillant boiler heating but no hot water – depending on which model either the aquasensor, hydraulic diverter, plate heat exchanger